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Just Enter The Bunches Promo Code BUNAFF10 at the Checkout

Just Enter The Bunches Promo Code BUNAFF10 at the Checkout

SAVE 10% Using Bunches Discount Code BUNAFF10

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Here’s Some Bunches Reviews ..

“The flowers were a birthday present for my nan and they lasted over two weeks!!

Absolutely stunning, looked just like the pictures on the website.

They arrived on time and perfectly packaged.” Nicola D


“I love surprising my mum with flowers. I live in Australia.

Bunches makes it possible and affordable to do this more often.

The bouquets are always beautiful and delivered on time.

Thank you.” Carolann W.


“As usual, excellent, efficient delivery.

I’ve been a customer for a few years now and have never been disappointed and neither have my family and friends who have been the recipients.” Marilyn W.


“The flowers were delivered on the the date I requested, they were lovely fresh flowers.

Will use again, very pleased.” Beverley P.


“Delivered the Flowers and chocs on time as agreed and the prices are very good.

Thank you for good service.” Joyce K


“Absolutely love this site, been with you for 10 years and never had any issues,

fantastic beautiful flowers and house plants, last ages.

Never had any of the recipients complain.

Just wish someone would treat me to some 🙂

Thanks Bunches!” M.

About Bunches Flowers By Post

Bunches is a family-owned business with a passion for creating happiness through delivering great value fresh flowers, plants and gifts throughout the UK.

Started  in 1989, Bunches has been committed to offering customers the highest quality products and outstanding service at affordable prices. That’s something that Erik Hoving, the founder, built the business on and some 26 years and 6 million bouquets later, they have some of the happiest customers around.

How do I use the promotional codes (promo/voucher/discount codes)?

Once you have placed your order and clicked continue you will reach the ‘basket summary’ page, where you can enter your discount / promotional / promo / voucher code or bunches military discount code in to the promotion code box and click ‘apply code’. The page should reload and show the discount/offer in the basket.

Please note, promo codes are not valid on the ‘Flowers for a Year’ package.

Is it possible to use more than one bunches promotional code?

Bunches.co.uk only allow customers to use one voucher / promo / discount code per order.

Can promo codes be used on monthly flower gifts?

Monthly flower gifts are already discounted, so promotional discount codes cannot be used.

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 10% Discount using bunches.co.uk promo code BUNAFF10 at checkout

“I’ve used Bunches for 3 different occasions.

The friends and family I bought the flowers for were over the moon with them .

I won’t use any other site for my flower delivery .

Easy site to use and excellent price.” Debbie Smith


“I had 2 bunches of orchids delivered 19th December and here we are today 2nd March and I still have 8 flower stems blooming.

Excellent service and quality.” Christina H.

Did you know?


Alstroemeria, commonly called the Peruvian Lily. Almost all of the species of Alstroemeria are restricted to one of two distinct centres of diversity, one in central Chile, the other in eastern Brazil.

Species of Alstroemeria from Chile are winter-growing plants while those of Brazil are summer-growing. Perhaps the most fascinating trait of Alstroemeria is the fact that the leaves are resupinate, that is, they twist from the base so that what appears to be the upper leaf surface is in fact the lower leaf surface.

Birthday Flowers Delivery


Bunches.co.uk Carnations are guaranteed to last 2 weeks and are grown in fertile Colombian soil at 2600 metres above sea level.

Planting the Carnations so high means there is a consistent temperature of 13-19 degrees year round, producing a consistently good quality Carnation with a really strong stem.

Carnations are said to mean ‘Fascination’ and ‘Devoted Love’ and are the nation’s favourite flower.

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SAVE 10% using bunches voucher codes BUN10 at checkout

Freesias by post


Chrysanthemums are named after the Greek word “krus anthemon”, meaning “gold flower” and most long-lasting Chrysanthemum flowers originate from China.

It is thought that in the 8th century the Chrysanthemum flower was introduced in Japan, where the Emperor raised it to the status of national symbol.

This still applies today and the Japanese throne is often referred to as the Chrysanthemum throne. Chrysanthemums, also known as “mums” or “chrysanths” represent cheerfulness and friendship.

Fressias Delivered By Post


Freesias originate from South Africa and are amongst the most popular and widely cut flowers in the world today.

They are available in a wide range of pretty colours and are beautifully scented, with the red and pink forms the most highly scented kind of Freesia.

Freesias are said to represent innocence, trust and friendship.

Gerberas are a genus of ornamental plants from the sunflower family, Asteraceae.

They are a hugely popular cut flower because of their availability all year round, vibrant colours and daisy-like shape.

Some Gerberas can be as large as the palm of your hand however there is also a miniature Gerbera available, called a Germini. Gerberas and Germini represent innocence and purity, but are best known for their colour and cheerfulness.

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Lilies are beautiful, long-lasting flowers and are available all year round. Lilies have been cultivated for over 3,000 years and there are many different varieties such as Oriental Stargazer Lilies which are highly scented and Asiatic Lilies which are highly coloured, but scent free.

In the language of flowers Lilies are said to symbolise purity. We send our Lilies in bud to ensure maximum vase life. Please note some Lilies can be toxic to cats.


Dendrobium Orchids are just one of 250,000 different Orchid species and hybrids known. Our Denbrobium Orchids, or Oriental Orchids as we like to call them, originate from the warm climate of Thailand.

These elegant flowers are available all year round and make an extremely long-lasting gift. In the language of flowers Orchids are said to symbolise beauty, love and charm.

Birthday Flowers Delivery


Rose bouquets are one of the most popular and best loved flowers in the world, which is no surprise due to their beauty and elegance. Roses originated in China, but today they are grown in many countries all over the world.

These luxurious flowers are available all year round in many different colours, shapes and sizes and with a range of scents. Each different colour of Rose has a different flower meaning such as red for love, yellow for friendship, pink for happiness, white for innocence and orange for desire.

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SAVE 10% using bunches voucher code BUNAFF10 at checkout

Spray Carnations

Spray Carnations are smaller cousins to the more usual breed of Carnations with each stem having several smaller flower heads. Spray Carnations belong to the Caryophyllaceae family and are native to the Mediterranean region.

Bunches Flowers By Post

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SAVE 10% using bunches voucher code BUNAFF10 at checkout

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